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  Top Gear

"Flexibility and innovation is the key"

Contracted to provide mini cam footage for BBC1's Top Gear, we use our years of experience to find the best solution for each shoot. When each shoot is completely different to the last, flexibility and innovation is the key. We custom design video systems for each shoot providing safe and effective solutions every time.

Top Gear Polar Expedition

When Top Gear decided to race to the North Pole we were faced with the challenge of designing an onboard video system to withstand some of the most extreme conditions. Due to production limitations we would be unable to send a technical operator on the expedition, it was therefore necessary to be sure that the system would hold out for the entire trip with no maintenance, and that it could be easily controlled by the location crew or presenters. We designed and built High Definition rigs for both the car and the husky sled, each weather proofed and insulated with built in heaters to prevent freezing of equipment and tape stock. Each had it's own custom built control unit with one-push recording making it quick and simple to use.


Three - Way Radio System

To resolve communications issues between presenters on three-header Top Gear shoots, Extreme Video designed and built a bespoke 3-way radio system.The system incorporates a nifty little black box which allows contunous simultaneous transmission and reception of signals from all three radios, and a hands-free microphone and headphone set allowing all three presenters to communicate throughout an entire shoot without having to take their hands from the steering wheel (or whatever else they are doing). The system was succesfully put to use during the filming of the recent 'Alpha Romeo Challenge'.


JCB Dieselmax

Full video system design and operation for the worlds fastest diesel car



When JCB took their Dieselmax team to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA to try for the world land speed record, Extreme Video took on the challenge of designing, building and running one of our most specialised video systems yet.

Our engineers worked with the Dieselmax team to design a safe and discreet onboard camera system capable of withstanding extremely high temperature and speed. There were many challenges in the designing of the system; safety was of utmost importance and it was essential thet the system would in no way impede the performance of the vehicle. The only space available to mount the recorder in the car was next to the exhaust - which reaches temperatures of up to 600°C. As ever we came up with a solution and designed a special cooling system for the equipment.

We also worked with the JCB engineers to design a suitable power system, where the video kit was wired into the electrical system of the car. We provided 3D models and drawings of the system for the team to ensure that everbody understood how it worked and where all components were located within the car. We worked with the team during the test period in the UK, using the video system to monitor test runs, providing footage to be used in run reviews by the team.

Extreme Video then travelled to the Bonneville Salt Flats with the team to work in ambient temperatures of up to 50°C, running the kit, providing review footage of trial runs, and sending rushes to news teams for worldwide broadcast.

The Dieselmax broke the world land speed record at 350.092mph

To watch footage from the event click here



The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip

A bespoke high definition in-car camera system

Extreme Video teamed up with Indigo Television on the production of this two part documentary series for ITV1 which covers a year in the life of HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh.

Extreme Video used it's special facilities HD camera technology to provide the exclusive in-car coverage of Sir Trevor McDonald interviewing the Duke as they tour the Sandringham estate, around which the programme was structured. Two months went into the design and planning of a discreet High Definition broadcast quality audio and video recording system to fit the Duke's car, including health and safety checks, route checks, and the production of a design proof to be signed off by the Duke.

To see design proof click here

To see images of system in car click here

Feedback from Indigo Television:

"A great big thanks for all your witty and professional help on the Sandringham shoot. Your help and assistance in the maze of video wires [...] not to mention velcro lockdowns made my job so much easier than it would otherwise have been."


BT Global Challenge

Fully waterproof yaught mounted camera with tilt, pan, zoom and horizon leveller functions

This waterproof camera system was designed especially for the BT Global Challenge - the world's toughest yaught race. These 3 chip cameras were built to be mounted externally on the yaughts, withstanding extreme weather conditions for long periods of time. Special mounts were engineered for the cameras with manually controllable tilt, pan, zoom and horizon leveller functions, and a user friendly monitor/recorder/control unit was built to make things as easy as possible for the boats crews.

Click here to see sample footage from these cameras in our marine video show reel