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Here are just a few examples of our extensive range of specialist camera kit available for hire or purchase. All kit can be hired with an experienced technician so you don't have to worry about a thing. For more information on existing kit or to request a custom setup please call 01603630555

High Definition HD 3CCD mini cam system

With a width of just 1.6" this is the most compact High Definition camera head on the market. Used in the filming of ITV1's 'The Duke', these tiny camera heads are the top of the range in HD mini cameras producing high quality footage to meet HD production stantards.

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Elmo SUV-Cam

This revolutionary camera system from elmo is at the forefront of extreme video technology. The recorder is the size of a mobile telephone and can be carried in a pocket or attached to the body, headgear, bicycle frame, ski boot, or just about anywhere you can think of using it's wide range of bespoke mounts. The camera head is the size of a lipstick and is waterproof up to 40metres which means the system is ideal for diving when used with the recorder in our special dive casing. Elmo SUV-Cam records to SDHC cards using solid state technology, meaning that there is no breakup in the video signal however hard you knock it around! This camera is extremely versatile and is regularly used in the production of BBC's 'Top Gear'. For more information please visit www.elmocam.com

Solid Sate SDHC Cameras

These little beauties are light weight mini-corders which use state of the art solid state technology to record to SDHC cards which means absolutely no image breakup and easy transfer to you editing system. We have launched these little machines through the air in a car at 90 miles per hour and pulled them from the wreckage unscathed and still rolling, having recorded every second of the journey flawlessly with not even a focus wobble! These are the ideal recorders for any situation where the camera will be put through extreme movement or shocks. Now also available waterproofed up to 1.5 metres.

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Bullet Cams

Bullet Cams are one of the most versatile mini camera heads due to their size and durability. These tiny heads can take being knocked around, dunked in water, covered in mud and hit by flying grit. Ideal for motorsport as they can be attached firmly to the exterior of a car without damaging the bodywork. They can be rigged to a recorder mounted within the car or hidden beneath the bodywork in the case of formula models. Once rigged the system can be started with the flick of one switch. No messing around.

Click here to see sample footage from our bullet cams


Puddlecam TM puts your viewers into the heart of the action: in the middle of the road, underfoot or under a car. With Puddlecam, you can shoot the low-down on anything from a heavily armoured tank to a herd of migrating wildebeest.

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Stikcam TM, from Extreme Video, is the simple way to achieve extreme close ups, fast flowing pans and other exciting options on the move with the minimum of set-up and technical intervention. Stickam is much more than just ‘a camera on a stick’. Its anodised aluminium boom comes with a mechanically linked pan and tilt head and adjustable grips. It can be fitted with single or three chip minicams, generating pictures matching broadcast quality.

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BTGC Waterproof Camera System

Bespoke waterproof camera system, designed for the BT Global Challenge - the world's toughest yaught race. These 3 chip cameras were specially designed to be mounted on the yaughts, withstanding extreme weather conditions for long periods of time. The cameras come with manually controllable tilt, pan, zoom and horizon leveller functions.

Click here to see sample footage from these cameras in our marine video show reel