Puddlecam TM from Extreme Video - bringing back the pictures from wherever the going is tough.

Puddlecam TM puts your viewers into the heart of the action: in the middle of the road, underfoot or under a car. With Puddlecam, you can shoot the low-down on anything from a heavily armoured tank to a herd of migrating wildebeest.

Extreme Video developed Puddlecam for those shots just too difficult, too dangerous or too expensive to get by any other means.

A high-resolution, low-light sensitive single chip camera, giving a resolution of 570 lines, is moulded into a solid acrylic resin housing. For extended life, an option is available with an additional machined titanium housing within the moulding. The plain camera housing is small and indistinguishable, so it can be easily dressed or camouflaged if operation is required within the sight line of other cameras.

A waterproof remote recording console, with mains or battery power supply and VU audio monitoring, records digital pictures to DVCam. All components are built to industrial standards, mounted in rugged housings to keep out dust, dirt and damp.

Puddlecam has been extensively used for broadcasts from the World Rally Championships. Speeding cars have jumped, bumped and crashed over it, without interrupting the vision feed. The lens housing is water proof at surface pressures and is therefore suitable for water-line mounting on the hulls of moving boats.

Anglia Television’s ‘Demolition Day’ gameshow used a set of Puddlecams to shoot destructive action involving JCBs, heavy wrecking gear and tracked vehicles.


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