Stikcam TM – the versatile option for flowing pictures on the move

Stikcam TM, from Extreme Video, is the simple way to achieve extreme close ups, fast flowing pans and other exciting options on the move with the minimum of set-up and technical intervention.

But Stickam is much more than just ‘a camera on a stick’. Its anodised aluminium boom comes with a mechanically linked pan and tilt head and adjustable grips. It can be fitted with single or three chip minicams, generating pictures matching broadcast quality.

Stickam has been developed by Extreme Video over a decade of providing coverage of high-action sports for broadcast television, including the World Rally Championships, aerial stunt flying and offshore powerboat racing.

The system is ideal for shooting close-ups of vehicles on the move. It was used in that way to record high-speed action pictures of the new model Lotus Elise for EV Production’s award winning DVD “Change the Rules” for Group Lotus.

The standard model Stikcam comes with an eight-foot (2.5 metre) boom, which breaks down to four feet (1.2 metres) – similar in length to a standard tripod – for transportation. A simple bayonet fitting ensures it is ready for action in moments.

Extreme Video can supply a number of different camera, monitoring and recording options. Stikcam can be fitted with a high resolution (570 line), low-light sensitive, single chip camera, mounted in a waterproof head which includes powerful LED lighting. In this mode, Stikcam is ideal for underwater filming, typically from a riverbank or boat, and lends itself naturally to underwater inspection or marine archaeology.

Monitors and digital recorders are mounted in fully waterproof consoles, ensuring the whole system is proofed against the elements. The consoles come with battery and mains power supplies and VU monitoring of audio levels.


Download PDF Specification Sheet